I started doing mosaic work as a way to build needed walkways and use up some of the mountains of pottery and other debris I had accumulated. The walkway to my front door, pictured here, was created in 2002. Though successful, the walkways were backbreaking work. I mixed and poured the concrete myself. I dug out the walkway and used landscape edging, held in place with stakes, as molds. The slabs each weighed 250-400 lbs. I pushed the decorative bits into the concrete on my hands and knees. It took quite a while to recover.

Fortunately, a friend pointed out that indoor pieces can be created with tile backer board on a table and fastened, as a unit, to the wall. Major breakthrough!

My first fireplace was a technical learning experience. The second fireplace was a learning experience on just how obsessive, frequently to point of total dysfunction, I can be.

I’ve amassed a huge, room-size assortment of material for my mosaic work. My hope is that someone will want a lovely custom fireplace (and have money and think I’m fabulous). Meanwhile, I just keep getting ideas and looking for more space.