Self-Portrait Age 8
Self-Portrait Age 21
Nike Animation
Yes Video
Self-Portrait, age 8
Angel (with a sucker) in the family Nativity
Pontoon the Cat and I in matching attire
Self-Portrait, age 21 (detail)
Nike animation, 1999
Top: Self-Portrait, age 29, using the NYIT Images System, NYC, 1983

Bottom: Scene from 9012 Live, Yes concert video, Charlex, NYC, 1985

These days

I grew up in Chapel Hill. NC. At the time, it looked like Barbie’s college town. It wasn’t pink, but it sure was precious. My family was hard-working, well-educated, middle-class and liberal (for that time). I was always quite content to play by myself, and when I sought company, I generally preferred animals to people. I was taught to sew early on, and my pets were often the (ungrateful) recipients of my creations. I did well in school, but showed the most promise in art.

As a teen, I started having some problems. It seems I have some mental malfunctions that can be troublesome (see The Wack). I’ve had a lot of help over the years, and function quite fabulously these days.

I graduated from the NC School of the Arts High School with a focus on visual arts (the school is primarily a performing arts school). After one year in art college, I went to work in the graphic arts, where I learned all the lettering skills that show up in my personal art work.

With an eye toward more lively creations, I moved to NYC to pursue a career in animation. I worked in film, and later computer animation, for over 20 years, with a sprinkling of stints in graphic design and illustration. My animation work in NY was primarily geared towards broadcast television and music video.

I moved to Portland, OR in 1986, but continued to work for broadcast clients in NYC for several years. In Portland, I forged a close relationship with Nike, which became my primary source of income. Throughout my animation career, I’ve taken time to create personal artwork in a variety of formats. I’ve had gallery showings of my work both in Portland and in NYC.

Eight years ago I gave up my media career with a desire for more meaningful work. After several years of training, I’m working part-time as a licensed funeral director and embalmer. My part-time status allows me ample time to focus on my artwork, while enjoying a rewarding human connection through my “real job.”