I’m an artist who’s worked through some interesting challenges. I have some modest brain malfunctions that have tested my resolve. They’ve also shaped the type of artwork I create and the circumstances under which I choose to live. As I’ve matured, the difficulties have diminished and the creative output has become more refined. My career has always involved some form of visual product, such as animation, illustration, and graphic design. More importantly, it has given me the technical expertise to pursue my personal artwork through a variety of media. My peculiarities have made me somewhat socially disconnected. I’m quite content to spend the majority of my time alone, exploring my latest area of interest. I collect and study enormous quantities of items of all description. I do this as part of a compulsive search for order and the completion of a grand puzzle of my own making. Time and therapy have given me a solid understanding of my difficulties. The result is a level of clarity and comfort that make this website possible.